About us


  • Mr. Mark Engel, Chairman

    Mr. Engel is a serial life sciences entrepreneur. Companies founded, built and sold include a specialty pharma company, a large regional CRO, and a global medical supplies company. Currently he is the Chairman of a precision biological agriculture antibacterial company (crop sciences, food safety and animal health) and a precision biological human health antibacterial company (systemic and topical infections).

    Mr. Engel also is the managing director of his family fund which invests in the healthcare and agricultural industries.

    Mr. Engel graduated from Notre Dame Law School.

    Phone : +1 (310) 614-1997 Email: engel@qeen-bio.com

  • Dr. Nancy Tawil, CEO

    Dr. Tawil has a multidisciplinary background in human physiology (B.Sc. McGill), chemical engineering (M.Eng. Ecole Polytechnique), and biomedical engineering (Ph.D. Ecole Polytechnique). Nancy's research includes the development of and innovative delivery systems which allow the sustained release of novel antimicrobials, including bacteriophages.

    In her previous roles, she was responsible for the management of the global development of multiple bacteriophage and lysin projects, including advancing multiple projects into clinical trials.

    In her role as Professor of biomedical engineering at Polytechnique Montreal, Dr. Tawil has supervised over 20 graduate and undergraduate students and has been issued patent rights and named inventor on 22 patents. Dr. Tawil is the recipient of multiple awards and accolades, including from Canada’s House of Commons, and has also been awarded one of the most admired women leaders in Montreal.

    Her expertise and interests include phage CMC, drug delivery, physico-chemical characterization, polymer chemistry, periprosthetic joint infections, novel combination devices, antibiotic resistance, bacteriophage regulatory and clinical development.

    Phone: +1 (514) 686-1683 Email: tawil@qeen-bio.com