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Bacterial infections are a fundamental public health issue. Approximately 700,000 people die from infections caused by antibiotic-resistant pathogens every year. It is estimated that, by 2050, ten million lives will be lost each year, with a cumulative 100 trillion USD of economic output.

With the failure of the current new antibiotic market, there is a rapid increase in the need for non-traditional antibacterials, such as bacteriophages. At present, there is a severe shortage of third party providers to produce bacteriophages at a world-class level, meeting regulatory requirements. Moreover, there is a stringent need for formulation development and related analytical capabilities.

Qeen takes an initiative based approach to resolve the challenges associated with the manufacturing of such biologics.

Qeen is a center for excellence for the biomanufacturing of bacteriophages and related delivery systems, driving innovation in the life science, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and veterinary industries.